11th November 2020

The site incorporates 1 off 500 kW standby Diesel Generator that provide backup power for the London offices of a global engineering, construction, and project management company and in addition are available for export of electricity to the National Grid when demanded.


To Provide NOx emissions abatement solution to a single diesel generator in a ground floor control room whilst complying with very low emission standards set down by Hammersmith Council combined with Medium Combustion Plant Directive and with the blessing of the end user (emission standards for NOx is HALF MCPD).

“NOxProtekt worked alongside a MCERTS accredited NOx emission testing house to complete a commissioning report & documentation”


The turn key solution comprising of single SCR connected to a new P550-3 generator fitted with Perkins 2506A E15TAG2 engine situated on the ground floor of a 12-storey Grade A 7,000 sq ft office building in Hammersmith Central London. The challenge included providing a solution that would achieve the very tight NOx emissions set down by the Local Authorities Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, this correlates to half NOx levels required by the MCPD.
We achieved this by designing a high-performance SCR system that incorporates specialist catalyst selection while focusing on the available back pressure in the engine exhaust system. The generator package provided by our customer included very high acoustic attenuation achieved with primary & secondary silencing combined with engine acoustic housing. NOxProtekt Ltd provided peace of mind with detailed pressure drop calculations that fit in with the engine constraints.
As a turn key system provider we included a local AdBlue storage tank locally wall mounted individual dosing panel & SCR control panel which neatly sits together in a compact space below the SCR reactor & pre-injection pipework. The SCRs communicate directly with the site generator control system to ensure automatic start up & shutdown.
Furthermore NOxProtekt worked alongside a MCERTS accredited NOx emission testing house to complete a commissioning report & documentation specified by the customer & the Local Authority.


The installation was a successful example of a quality engineered solution provided to give a turnkey solution for MCPD compliance, MCERTS accredited emission testing and additional site specific NOx emission to atmosphere limits and seamless connection to customers new generator package right in the heart of London.

Hammersmith NOxProtekt Case Study
Hammersmith NOxProtekt Case Study