5MWe site Milton Keynes two engines


01st November 2020

The site incorporates 2 off 2.5MW standby Diesel Generators that provide back up power and in addition are available for export to the National Grid when demanded.


To Provide NOx emissions abatement solution to a both diesel generators allowing them to be operational whilst still complying with Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

“The turn key solution comprising of single SCR on the roof of the existing generators.”


The turn key solution comprising of single SCR on the roof of the existing generators. The challenge included providing a solution that would minimise any disruption to the existing critical back up power generators. We achieved this by designing SCR system that are mounted onto structural spreader beams directly onto the roof of the building and suitable AdBlue bulk storage tank that is neatly suited between existing fuel tanks for ease of refilling during operation. The locally wall mounted individual dosing panels & common control panel were cleverly designed to allow for site expansion should an additional generator be required on the site. The SCRs communicate directly with the site generator control system to ensure automatic start up & shutdown.


The installation was a successful example of a quality engineered solution provided to give a turnkey solution for MCPD compliance, structural calculations for roof installation and seamless connection to customers existing generators. No temporary diesel generators or load banks were required during any part of the installation or commissioning.

Milton Keynes Case Study
Milton Keynes Case Study