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We’re very proud to be trusted by clients right across the industrial and facilities management spectrum. From the biggest data centres, key industrial facilities to critical assets like hospitals and water treatment plants, wherever you rely on gas or diesel power generation you can rely on NOxProtekt.

Some of us have spent our lives working on diesel engines and power generation plant: we know that performance can be compromised without a robust understanding of the system, so every one of our designs is tailored for the specific needs of that site.

Some of us have decades’ of experience working on industrial catalyst technologies so you can be sure that we will consider the latest and the most proven technology before designing your SCR system.

And because we have installed more than 50?? systems we recognise that every site is different. Whether your project involves working at height or in confined spaces, over water, in remote locations or in close proximity to high voltage electricity, our design and installation experts have the experience to work safely and complete the work to a high standard.


Energy - STOR short term energy reserve, waste to power
Combustion Plants covered by Directive 96/68/EC
Any technical apparatus used in the propulsion of a vehicle, ship or aircraft
Gas turbines and gas and diesel engines when used on offshore platforms

Case Studies

20MWe STOR site South Wales

20MWe STOR site South Wales

20MWe STOR site South WalesBy:NoxProtektDate:01th June 2020What is Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)? ... National Grid procures Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) to help meet this reserve requirement. STOR is a contracted balancing service whereby the Service...

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5MWe site Milton Keynes

5MWe site Milton Keynes

5MWe site Milton Keynes two engines By:NoxProtektDate:01st November 2020The site incorporates 2 off 2.5MW standby Diesel Generators that provide back up power and in addition are available for export to the National Grid when demanded. Objective To Provide NOx...

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0.5MWe Office Site, Hammersmith, One Engine

0.5MWe Office Site, Hammersmith, One Engine

Hammersmith By:NoxProtektDate:11th November 2020The site incorporates 1 off 500 kW standby Diesel Generator that provide backup power for the London offices of a global engineering, construction, and project management company and in addition are available for export...

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